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Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson was asked some interesting questions during her confirmation hearing in March 2022, if you recall that far back. Marsha Blackburn from Tennessee once asked: “Could you define the word “woman”?” The transgender athlete in question was the primary focus of the inquiry. In spite of the fact that some people turned the question into a viral meme, it got people talking about it. What is a Woman? a new documentary by conservative author and podcast host Matt Walsh, has just been released.

Do You Know The Subject Matter Of The Documentary, “What Is A Woman?”

In spite of the film’s simple title, the question it raises is one that doesn’t always have an easy answer. Ketanji Jackson Brown refused to answer the question because she is “not a biologist,” as she put it. Gender and sex stereotypes have come under scrutiny as a result of increased public awareness of transgender people. People from all walks of life and professions are interviewed by Matt in the documentary. These include pediatricians, gender affirmation therapists, protesters, and others. It’s been a long time since I’ve asked this question, but I’ve always wondered what it means to be female. He said in a sneak peek of the movie that no one responded to him, so he kept asking. He penned articles and conducted interviews for his podcast before putting out a call for help.

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Matt decided to make this documentary after he didn’t receive an answer. In spite of this, he wanted it to stand out from other right-wing movies. A group of people who all agree with him was brought together and asked questions so they could give him an answer that they could have given him themselves, he said. Rather, Matt stated that he needed to talk to people who disagreed with him in order to get the information he was seeking. “If we wanted answers, that was the only way to get them,” he explained.

Release Date, Trailer, Cast & Songs Of What Is A Woman?

It was released on June 1, 2022, and was directed by Justin Folk. You can watch this film in English. When it comes to the cast of this film, Matt Walsh takes on the role of the leading man. For those looking for a good documentary, What Is a Woman? has an excellent rating of 9.8/10.

Where To Watch ‘What Is A Woman?’ Documentary

The Daily Wire has the documentary ‘What Is A Woman?’ available for viewing. Members of the Daily Wire, including new ones who will be able to join here, have access to the documentary.

After the film aired at 8:00 Eastern Time on June 1st, The Daily Wire’s all-star show “Backstage” kicked off the watch party. Prior to the documentary’s airing, Matt Walsh, Ben Shapiro Jeremy Boreing Michael Knowles, and Andrew Klavan began a discussion. According to Walsh, “The left will do whatever they can to make sure no one sees this movie.” Walsh has strong feelings about the subject matter. If the film premieres online, it will not only be an embarrassment to them, but it will also send a message that they will lose this battle.”

Matt Walsh’s ‘What Is A Woman?’ Documentary Explored

After announcing that Pride Month is a “holy month,” Walsh went on to promote his new film, which he describes as an “assault on gender ideology,” on The Matt Walsh Show.

As the political and cultural commentator noted, Pride has grown exponentially from a single day of celebrations to a week-long celebration and then to what we now know as Pride Month. Matt Walsh said that Walsh’s film would “expose the confusion of gender ideology” during an interview. “Just the sort of petty and trolling move you’ve come to expect and love from me – or at least expect, I don’t know about love,” he said.

Four years ago, he asked the world on Twitter: “What is a woman?” Walsh has since taken it upon himself to dig deeper into the question he first posed. Non-binary and transgender terms can be discussed with an African tribe. Also of interest: Where can you watch Matt Walsh’s documentary, ‘What Is A Woman?’

‘What is a woman?’ by Matt Walsh, an original daily wire documentary. In this provocative and controversial film, the social and psychological system is questioned at a fundamental level. On the first of June, which marks the beginning of Pride Month, this film will be released. Matt Walsh’s themes revolve around gender. On the heels of LGBT pride month, it makes sense for it to be released because it reaches out to them, asks questions on their behalf, and sometimes asks questions directly to them. Most of the people Walsh interviews are women, with a few exceptions. Are men and women the same thing? Who makes the final decision? ‘What’ is the deciding factor here? Instead of providing definitions, the film seeks to overturn accepted wisdom. The author’s goal is to raise a question. It’s even better because Matt Walsh made it, even if the context could be taken positively or negatively depending on people’s ideologies and social and political ideologies. This is the case, as follows.

where to watch what is a woman documentary

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What Is “The Daily Wire”?

This is a news and media company based in the United States. It came into existence on the 21st of September, 2015. Political commentator Ben Shapiro and film director Jeremy Boreing founded it. Located in Nashville, Tennessee, the United States is the daily wire’s home base. It used to be located in Los Angeles but has since relocated. It is owned by Bentkey Ventures, LLC. TruthRevolt was the previous employer of the co-founders. The company relies heavily on advertising. A right-wing website and company are in charge of it. The company has the most popular shows, articles, and podcasts. According to a number of critics and sources, the company has a tendency to mislead customers. Media and commentators’ credibility has been questioned. Climate change denial and the COVID-19 vaccine denial are just two examples of the company’s socially backward approaches. Consequently, the documentary is just as controversial as the company it represents.

Who is Matt Walsh?

He is a political commentator, a media host, a columnist, and an author who is 35 years old. For all of the reasons listed above, he works at a daily wire service. Known for opposing social and political issues that are morally and generally wrong, Matt Walsh is a truly controversial man. Issues like same-sex marriage, same-sex marriage, transgender rights, and paid paternity leave are all he opposes. The individual compared providing gender-affirming care for children to acts of molestation and rape. Even by himself, he is well-known as a troll, theocratic fascist, feminist scholar, and biologist. 2020 was the year he had his Twitter account taken down. As a result, transgender activist Eli Erlick has even gone so far as to label the documentary a fake and fraud. He appears to be a supporter of Trump and the Republicans. There’s no doubt that the man is an unstoppable force of controversy, and his documentary is no exception.

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