Who Is Sadie Sink Dating? All About Her Rumored Relationship.

There will be spoilers for the fourth season of Stranger Things. It’s been a hard season for Sadie Sink’s Stranger Things character Max Mayfield. The season’s main villain, Vecna, has stalked and almost killed her numerous times throughout the season (thanks to Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill”). Max, on the other hand, succumbs to Vecna’s abilities and falls into a coma at the end of the film. Even her co-star Winona Ryder predicted that Sink would become “like Meryl Streep” because of her frightening performance.

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Even though Max’s season has been bleak, she was able to make amends with ex-boyfriend Lucas (kind of) (Caleb McLaughlin). It’s clear that he still has feelings for her based on the way his body trembled as he held her motionless body. At one point, they appeared to be flirting, which suggests that the two may get back together in Season 5. Though Max’s future is dismal, her love life could take off if she survives her coma. It’s only reasonable to question what’s going on in the love life of the actor who portrays the Stranger Things fan-favorite, Max, now that she’s been found.

So, who is Sadie Sink currently seeing?

The Fear Street actor is well-known for maintaining a low profile on social media. Sink told Glamour UK in June that she didn’t have any social networking apps on her phone. Social media isn’t the ideal place for her, she added, but she does “download it sometimes to check in.” So it’s understandable that she hasn’t shared any pictures of herself with anyone who could fuel the rumor mill about her dating life.

As a child, Sink performed on Broadway before landing her first role at the age of 11 in The Americans.

As a Hawkins transplant in Season 2 of Stranger Things, she shared her first ever kiss with co-star McLaughlin at the tender age of 15. The fact that it was McLaughlin’s first kiss made him feel “strange” about the kiss, which they shot in front of their parents, as he explained in an episode of Beyond Stranger Things. As Sink explained to TheWrap, “I mean, it’s the first kiss, right?” When they first kissed at the Snow Ball, Max tries to protect her thoughts from Vecna by recalling the experience of their first kiss.

The on-screen chemistry between Sink and McLaughlin made viewers question if the two were genuinely in a relationship when the cameras weren’t running. To put to rest any lingering speculation, the actor spoke candidly about his friendship with the group in a May interview with Vogue Singapore. “You can’t put into words how close we are. We’ve always had each other to lean on and talk to growing up in this unusual scenario. She told the publication, “We understand one other in a new way.”

Who Is Sadie Sink Dating

Aside from being “emotionally inaccessible,” she also mentioned this. “I also believe Max and I can be fairly closed off at times, maybe slightly emotionally unavailable,” Sink added, pointing out the similarities between herself and her character. However, she has a tender soul.” That could be a hint that she’s single at the moment..

However, it wasn’t only fans of Stranger Things who were ecstatic about Sink’s possible dating prospects. When she starred in Taylor Swift’s short film All Too Well with Dylan O’Brien, Sink quickly became a favorite of Swifties (The Maze Runner). Although the 15-minute video was released in November 2021, the film (and casting) were revealed months in advance.. before that. As a result, when Sink was photographed holding hands with Patrick Alwyn in New York City in September 2021, romance speculations flew.

A rumor went around that Swift was involved in the pair’s meeting since Alwyn is the brother of Joe Alwyn from the TV show Conversations With Friends, who many assumed was Swift’s longtime flame. Sink and Alwyn haven’t responded to the rumors, and the two haven’t been spotted together since.

For the time being, Sink looks to be unmarried, but she’s more active than ever before. In addition to performing, she has walked the Miu Miu runway in Paris for some of the world’s most sought-after fashion labels. In addition, she is now working on other projects, including the upcoming film The Whale, which will be released later this year.

Furthermore, she has an extensive social circle. Sink said in an interview with Glamour UK that she and her family are “extremely close.” “Mitchell is the most important person in my life,” the actor remarked. I can say that we’ve known each other for as long as I can remember, and I trust that we’ll always be honest with one another. To me, that’s a huge deal. Our relationship is unique in that way. Her Stranger Things co-stars, including Eleven’s onscreen best friend Millie Bobby Brown, have also become close friends in real life.

In addition to Swift, she’s close with a number of other well-known people. “To have Swift as a friend, as a director, as a mentor, and to be able to bring such an iconic song to life was really an honor,” Sink told Glamour UK of Swift. “[Swift is] such a great human being.