Who Is Number 1 In Stranger Things? Meet Number 1!

Finally, the history of Hawkins Lab was revealed in season 4, with Eleven confronting Dr. Brenner’s harrowing Number One.

Henry Creel, Dr. Brenner’s “Number One” at the Hawkins Lab, is revealed to be Vecna, the main villain of Stranger Things season 4. Interestingly, the plot of Stranger Things is based on the CIA’s Project MKUltra, a top-secret mind-control program that was started in 1953. An offshoot of Project MKUltra has unwittingly put the entire world at risk through Dr. Brenner’s experiments at Hawkins. In the past, Dr. Brenner’s experiments have been a bit of a puzzle. As far as we know, he never explained how he came to the conclusion that certain procedures could be used to ensure that children were born with the potential to develop unusual powers, such as the ability to move objects with one’s mind or the ability to create illusions. During Stranger Things season 4, it was revealed that Eleven had created at least 14 superhuman children. However, the identity of his “Number One” test subject was kept a secret even from the other children.

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The Cast & Characters of Stranger Things Season 4

The identity of Number One was finally revealed in Stranger Things episode 7 of season 4. Vecna, the new villain from Upside Down, was revealed to be Number One in a shocking twist. In season 4, Eleven is confronted by a twisted mirror image of herself, a common trope in superhero comics. After nearly three years of anticipation, the first episode of Stranger Things seasons 4 is finally here. Those questions have been (mostly) answered, but so many new ones have sprung up in their place.

During the new season of Stranger Things, Eleven’s story takes an unexpected turn, and her childhood is examined. While we learned a little about Eleven over the course of the first three seasons, this may be one of the most significant revelations yet from the Duffer Brothers. Stranger Things season 4 part 1 will finally reveal the identity of Number One, a character who had long been rumored to exist but has now been proven to be real. It’s hard to say who the mysterious One is, but we do know he’s 001 now.

Cast Of Stranger Things

Who is Number One in Stranger Things season 4?

After Eleven is arrested for attacking her bully Angela, Dr. Owens intercepts her and brings her back to the lab. Her memories of an orderly are relived in an isolation tank called Nina, where she is forced to relive her past. Her memories bring her to an intense one in which the orderly is trying to help her escape from the lab. Brenner placed a tracker in Eleven’s neck, so of course, Eleven will have to be asked to remove it. Taking advantage of her abilities, she removes the pill-sized tracker from his neck because she has faith in him.

Sadly, Eleven comes to realize that the orderly has deceived her all along. There are no survivors in the lab or the Rainbow Room, and she sees the same thing as she makes her way through the corridors. In reality, the tracker was a device to control Eleven’s abilities, as he comes to realize. The 001 tattoos on his wrist prove that he’s the best. He was Victor Creel’s son, as Number One explains to Eleven, and the one responsible for the murders of his mother and sister. His powers were overused, and he passed out on the night of the murders because he was so young.

In the Rainbow Room, after Eleven has finished listening to Number One explain everything, she uses her powers to defeat him, which opens a portal leading to the Upside Down. Number One is transformed into Vecna after being sucked into the Upside Down and burned by powerful lightning. In other words, Number One is both Victor Creel’s son and Vecna’s daughter! Did you see this twist coming in the first episode of Season 4 of Stranger Things?

Who Is Number In Stranger Things

How Number 1 Turned Into Vecna?

Although Number One was unaware of Eleven’s immense power, he was nonetheless unable to appreciate it. When she realized she’d been duped, she confronted Henry Creel and began a telekinetic duel with him. Using her supernatural powers, she was able to overcome him and blast him out of this world. Number One’s body was horrifically scarred as a result of the traumatic experience. The Upside Down was his home for years after he emerged from it, and he transformed it into a bizarre parody of the house he had known as a child. The Mind-hive Flayer’s mind binds all life in the Upside Down and Creel joined it at some point, transforming into the being known as “Vecna.” Initially, the kids believe that Vecna is the Mind-“five-star Flayer’s general,” but Stranger Things season 4 volume 1 raises the disturbing possibility that he has taken over the entire hive mind.

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Explanation of Vecna’s Plan and Curse

The fact that Vecna possesses all of Eleven’s abilities means that he, too, can open the Gates that separate the Upside Down from Hawkins. Vecna appears to need a strong mental connection as well as a power source in order to open a Gate. Vecna’s scans of Hawkins are powered by the hive mind, which allows her to look for people who are harboring unresolved grief or shame. As soon as Vecna has chosen a victim, he initiates contact with that person in order to begin tormenting and terrifying them before killing them with his telekinesis. When a person dies, a Gate is opened.

No one really knows where this is all going, but it’s possible that earthquakes rumbling through the Upside Down may hold the key. Some dimensional instability may be at play, bringing the Upside Down ever closer to Hawkins and potentially colliding with the real world as a result of these Gates. It’s possible that Hawkins and the Upside Down will go to war in Stranger Things season 4 if this is the case.

Final Thoughts

Eleven defeats Number One after he has finished explaining everything to her, and the Rainbow Room’s Upside Down is now accessible. After being sucked into the Upside Down, Number One is struck by lightning, turning him into Vecna, a powerful demon.

So there you have it: Victor Creel’s son and Vecna are both Number One. In the first half of Stranger Things season 4, did you see this twist coming?

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