Why Disenchantment Season 4 Was Disappointing?

Season 4 of Disenchantment was a flop with critics and viewers alike due to a plodding plot heavy on slow-burning subplots and lacking in humor.

Warning! SPOILERS for Season 4 of Disenchantment.

The fourth season of Netflix’s Disenchantment was a disappointment to many fans of the show, mainly due to the show’s failure to develop its many subplots. Due to its tighter plotting than Matt Groening’s previous animated efforts, the fantasy satire makes it more difficult for audiences to become absorbed in its dense mythology. Matt Groening Because of this, as well as the series’ slower pace, Futurama and The Simpsons, have not enjoyed the same level of popularity as the show. Season 4 of Disenchantment premiered on February 9, 2022, and was largely ignored.

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On the contrary, the conclusion of The Book of Boba Fett, which was also published that day, took over the internet. Devoted fans of Disenchantment were divided over the announcement of a new Futurama series on Hulu without John DiMaggio playing Bender. It’s ironic that DiMaggio was largely ignored during the scandal because of the new season of the same creators’ series, where he voices King Zg. Although the season finale had multiple cliffhangers and the fate of Dreamland (and perhaps the world) in the balance, Disenchantment has yet to be confirmed for season 5. It’s possible that few fans would be upset if Netflix canceled Disenchantment season 4 and left its story unresolved, given the lackluster response from fans online following the release of season 4 and their complaints about how the ongoing storyline progressed.

Disenchantment Is Totally reliant on the Plot. 

Disenchantment hasn’t been as popular as Futurama or The Simpsons because it has a more rigid structure and a more in-depth plot. In Disenchantment, there are numerous characters and numerous subplots that all revolve around the unique setting. When compared to Groening’s previous series, which were episodic in nature and could be enjoyed by anyone who happened to stumble across them while channel-surfing. Since Disenchantment was created to accommodate the binge-watching habits of modern viewers, this is to be expected. Because the show can only be found on Netflix, the writers can assume that viewers have specifically sought it out, which allows them to go into greater detail in their scripts.

Disenchantment’s tightly woven storyline didn’t appeal to those fans who expected the show to merely reference fantasy series like Game of Thrones in the same way that Futurama parodied Star Trek and other classic science fiction, much like Futurama parodied Star Trek For Disenchantment, on the other hand, the show has developed a setting as complex as Westeros, with a story that requires viewers to watch every episode in order to keep track of the characters and their actions.

Why Disenchantment Season 4 Was Disappointing

Most Of The Ongoing Subplots Were Never Fully Explored. 

Unfortunately, even among fans who were intrigued by the new direction the show was taking, Disenchantment season 4 was viewed as largely uninspired because of the failure of most ongoing storylines to progress in any meaningful way. Disenchantment’s season 3 finale left many loose ends, and it took the show nearly half of the season to tie up those loose ends. Disenchantment season 4 finale cliffhangers had to be set up in a short amount of time, leaving little time for subplot development.

Several villains, including Prime Minister Odval and the exorcist Big Jo, were involved in the plot involving the Secret Society, which served as an excellent illustration of this. The season 3 finale of Disenchantment revealed that the Secret Society was looking for information on how to break a magical curse that had been afflicting the Royal Family of Dreamland for centuries.’ Assassinating King Zg took up most of Big Jo’s time in Disenchantment season 4, and Odval didn’t appear until the season’s final episode when he was captured while attempting to assist King Zg in searching for his missing sons and forced to join a freak show in Steam land. The Secret Society arc was a waste of time, given how little Oval and Big Jo were involved in the Disenchantment season 4 storyline.

Why Disenchantment Season 4 Was Disappointing

Resolving The Subplots Was A Waste Of Time. 

Many Disenchantment’s running plotlines remained stagnant in Season 4, but some were resolved in a way that compared them to the weaker recent seasons of The Simpsons, making the show more palatable for comparison. In Disenchantment season 4, episode 2, “The Good, the Bad, and the Bum-Bum,” Elfo’s true parentage was finally revealed. Disenchantment season 3 finale Elfo was kidnapped by ogres and taken to the Ogre Queen, who revealed him to be her long-lost son, the result of her first romance with Elfo’s father.

Even though this confirmed the fan theory that Elfo was a half-elf, half-ogre, the story ended anti-climactically, and Elfo’s happy reunion was ruined by Bean and Luci “rescuing” him in the end. Despite the fact that Elfo had no compelling reason to return to Dreamland other than his unrequited crush on Bean, which had come and gone as the plot demanded, he made no attempt to reunite with his family. Disenchantment’s inability to build a Futurama fanbase is due in part to its inconsistent portrayal of the show’s characters.

Why Disenchantment Season 4 Was Disappointing

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There Are Too Many Deus Ex Machinas In This World. 

A major flaw in Disenchantment season 4 is the show’s reliance on coincidence and deus ex machinas to resolve the show’s many cliffhangers. Due to its more somber tone and in-depth plot, this took away a significant amount of the show’s drama. “Bean Falls Apart,” the season 4 finale of Disenchantment, was the best example of this, with Bean seemingly falling to her death in the waters beneath Dreamland Castle. Mora, the mermaid princess, rescued Bean in the episode’s conclusion, allowing him to breathe underwater with the help of her magical powers.

Why Disenchantment Season 4 Was Disappointing

While the scene confirmed the two princesses’ romance, which had been hinted at in one of Disenchantment season 3’s most enigmatic scenes, it was hardly surprising since Mora had already done the same thing earlier in the season when Bean was in danger of drowning in Disenchantment season 4, episode 6, “What to Expect When You’re Expecting Parasites.”. Because it was made clear that Mora was still keeping an eye on Bean after their passionate night, the threat of Bean being in danger in the ocean was diminished. Disenchantment fans may have lost interest by now, so this may be too little and too late for a possible fifth season of the show.

Final Words

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