Why Doesn’t Shinobu Use Flower Breathing Like Her Sister In Demon Slayer?

Because of the way she fights, Shinobu uses a special type of Breathing Technique. Insect Breathing was the path she selected because of this. As the current Insect Hashira, Shinobu Kocho employs a special breathing method known as Insect Breathing. She was Kanae Kocho’s Tsuguko before becoming a Hashira, her sister, and the former Flower Hahira. The Flower Breathing technique was employed extensively by the late Kanae Kocho during her service as a member of the Demon Slayer Corps. But that’s not all—both Shinobu and her adopted sister Kanao both employ the Flower Breathing method. Now that her sisters are using Flower Breathing techniques, why isn’t Shinobu using them, too?

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Physical Limitation

Severing a demon’s head is the most efficient method of death for a Demon Slayer swordsman. Because it must be completed in a single motion, this requires quick movement and strong muscles. Shinobu can’t behead a demon with a single blow because she’s too petite and has short arms for the job. In addition, the Flower Breathing technique requires a lot of physical exertion. Even though it’s derived from the Water Breathing technique, it places a great emphasis on strength, endurance, and agility as if it’s a flower petal in the wind. All of these are Shinobu’s limitations.Demon Slayer Shinobu

An Interest In Chemistry And The Medical Field

For Shinobu to desire to merge her interest in medical and science into her sword skill is only logical, given her passion in both fields and her physical limitations. She resolved to use poison as a means of accomplishing her goal. Each wounded Demon Slayer can be patched up by Hashira, who serves as a healing center for her fellow soldiers. That’s why Shinobu knows so much about drugs and how they interact with the human body. She also has a thorough understanding of the human body. Insect breathing is a new demon-slaying technique that she came up with after considering all of these factors.

Breathing Techniques of Insects

The Flower Breathing method is the ancestor of the Insect Breathing method. Shinobu devised a novel method to get beyond her own physical restrictions. Shinobu is the only character to employ this offshoot skill in the main Demon Slayer series. It’s a technique that was designed expressly for her fighting style and knowledge. A clean-cut beheading would be impossible for Shinobu, so she went with thrusting and penetrating strike instead. To combat the demons, she coated her Nichirin Sword with Wisteria-based poison, using her expertise in both chemistry and medicine. That means that even a single piercing stab from her blade can kill a demon.

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When it comes to flowing attacks, Shinobu doesn’t have the physical strength required, but she’s agile enough to move quickly. The second Kizuki demon, Doma, reveals that Shinobu is the fastest Demon Slayer he has ever encountered. Shinobu’s Insect Breathing style is based on a combination of super speed and agility, targeted piercing assaults on key regions, and deadly poison.Demon Slayer Shinobu

Unique Nichirin Sword

One of Shinobu’s most important weapons is the Nichirin Sword, a weapon with a shape, purpose, and use that is drastically different from those used by other Demon Slayers. Rather than having a straight point, her Nichirin Sword has a curved tip that resembles the stinger of an insect. The blade is thick at the tip and thins down throughout its length. Shinobu’s blade is permanently encrusted with venom. It’s in her custom-made scabbard that she keeps the poison, which she blends with other poisons to generate a variety of effects on her enemies.

As a result, it has its own drawbacks for a weapon that is so specialized. Because Shinobu is unable to protect herself with her blade, this is the most significant issue. Her Nichirin Sword, on the other hand, can only be used for swinging or slashing attacks, not both. If a small blade collides head-on with a considerably thicker one, it will readily shatter. As a result, only Shinobu has access to the blade she carries.

Individuality and Adaptability in Demon Slayers

Flame Breathing and Water Breathing are two examples of ancient breathing techniques that have been passed down through the generations in Demon Slayer. However, this does not imply that these are the sole effective methods for dealing with demons. Demon Slayers are in fact exhorted to develop their individual fighting techniques. They are the building blocks upon which each swordsman can build a fighting style that makes use of their uniqueness.

The majority of the strongest Demon Slayers, those who have been dubbed “Hahira,” use unique or unorthodox breathing methods. Additionally, there are Love Breathing, Serpent Breathing, Mist Breathing, and Sound Breathing, as well as Insect Breathing. This exemplifies the Demon Slayers’ intrinsic ability to adapt and innovate in the face of Muzan and his goons.

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