Why Stranger Things leaving DBD?

Why Stranger Things leaving DBD: When Stranger Things will be removed from Dead By Daylight, BeHaviour Interactive has given an explanation for why it will no longer be available in the game. The multiplayer game’s licensed crossovers with horror icons are arguably its strongest feature.

In addition to Scream, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and Hellraiser, there have also been crossovers with video games Resident Evil and Silent Hill. The Netflix DLC and Chapter 13 are no longer available, but if you want them, this is your last chance.

An announcement trailer for the film Dead by Daylight: Portrait of a Murder.

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On November 17th, Stranger Things will be withdrawn from Dead By Daylight at 11:00 PT, 14:00 ET, and 19:00 GMT, which is the day and hour of its departure.

The Chapter will be deleted from the DBD in-game market on the above date and time, however, you can still play as all the characters and maintain the in-game cosmetics if you purchase the DLC before then. It will be absent from the PSN, Steam, and Microsoft storefronts, as well as the in-game market.

In spite of the fact that you’ll still have access to all of your characters’ perks and skins, the Hawkins National Laboratory Map will not be accessible. Regardless of when you purchased Chapter 13, Behaviour Interactive is removing the map.


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In order for Stranger Things to leave Dead By Daylight, BeHaviour Interactive’s license to use Netflix’s IP is about to expire. BeHaviour Interactive’s DBD FAQ does not clearly corroborate this, since it just states: All live-service games are subject to frequent updates, additions, and changes.

It is our goal to preserve the heritage of these characters in our game for those who have acquired them or want to do so. Mathieu Côté, the game’s director, told Shacknews in September that licensing is the problem:

According to Côté, “it’s practically hard for these kinds of deals to last an infinity.” It is my responsibility as the head of partnerships to ensure that the partnership thrives and that all parties benefit greatly from it. Things have to come to a halt in some cases when someone isn’t getting what they need or circumstances change.

Final Lines

It’s time to get characters Steve, Nancy, and the Demogorgon before they’re all gone. Until November 17th, they’re all on sale. Keep in mind that even when the sale is over, you’ll be able to play as these characters and use their outfits and bonuses as usual. The Hawkins National Laboratory Map is the only thing being removed for Chapter 13 owners.