Stranger Things Season 4 Why Is It Taking So Long: Shawn Levy, Stranger Things’ executive producer, explains why the epidemic isn’t the only reason season 4 is taking so long to complete. Season 3 of Stranger Things premiered in July of 2019 — more than two years ago — and saw the kids of Hawkins, Indiana mature even further as they battled the Mind Flayer, their most terrifying foe yet. In that season’s finale, Will, Eleven, and the Byers family left Hawkins and David Harbour’s Hopper appeared to be dead, all of which changed the course of the show.

To tease the show’s widening scope, it is revealed that Hopper is actually imprisoned in a Russian prison camp. Season 4 of Stranger Things has been plagued by numerous delays. One month into filming, the COVID-19 outbreak stopped production. However, there have been few updates since the beginning of September 2020, save from a handful of teaser films and indications from the cast and crew.

As the conclusion of filming approaches, fans are eagerly awaiting any word about the launch date of season 4, but Levy has explained why it has taken so long. When speaking with Collider, Levy explained that the season’s breadth of settings and the need to adhere to strict health and safety procedures had made filming more difficult. Filming season 4 during the epidemic was made more challenging because it is “by far, far, far, far… the most ambitious season,” a producer reveals.

The final and most important is that there are only a few people on the creative team, which adds to the stress and delays the process. Below you’ll find the complete statement from Levy:

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Another tantalizing tidbit about the upcoming season comes from Levy’s tease of an altogether new plotline taking place in an as-yet-undisclosed locale. Even when the show’s protagonists reach their adolescent years, the cast’s global dispersion allows the show’s scope to increase exponentially. Season 4 of Stranger Things sounds like it will be well worth the wait, and we may not have long to wait.

It’s comforting to hear that filming for the fourth season of Stranger Things is nearing completion, even if Levy’s ambiguous statements don’t offer much at all. Due to the fact that post-production on the upcoming season is still ongoing for Levy and the company, the launch date in 2022 appears feasible. Season 4 of Stranger Things is shaping up to be one of the most eagerly awaited television events in recent memory, thanks to all the hints.

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