On the Latest Episode of ‘Game Caterers,’ Ive’s Jang Won Young Demonstrates How Closely She Follows Her Diet

Won Young: Since the most recent episode of tvN’s ‘Game Caterers 2’ featured a special appearance by the cast and crew of Starship Entertainment, it has attracted a lot of attention. Artists like IVE, Cosmic Girls, and MONSTA X, as well as actors like Song Seung Hun and others from the firm, made appearances on the episode.

Won Young
Won Young

In the episode that went live on the 13th of November, the actors and artists competed in a variety of games for midnight nibbles. That day, IVE participated in a game called “Word Chain,” in which they had to use their vocabulary to finish a statement.

The IVE folks earned late-night goodies like Tteokbokki, chips, ice cream, and coffee. The group then retired to their quarters to indulge in the prizes they had received. Jang Won Young, who was observing his other members eat Tteokbokki, remarked, “This sounds like something nice to bring since we can’t do delivery here.”

Instead of snacking with her group, she was photographed drinking black coffee. Many of Jang Won Young’s admirers have remarked, “She’s incredibly strict with keeping her body,” thanks to the star’s transparent approach to dieting. “She’s already so slim” and “Jang Won Young didn’t even eat the late-night snack.”

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