“Outstanding Lawyer Woo” Joo Jong Hyuk’s 8-Year Secret Relationship With Another Actor Is Revealed

Actor Joo Jong Hyuk, who began his career at age 25 and turned 31 after a debut spanning eight years, rose to prominence thanks to his portrayal of the wicked Tactician Kwon, Kwon Min Woo in ENA’s hit drama Extraordinary Attorney Woo. After the conclusion of the theater, he announced his current situation on the September 18 episode of the SBS variety show “My Little Old Boy.” Here you will read details relating to Joo Jong Hyuk’s secret relationship revealed with another actor.

In particular, he mentioned that Kang Ki Young is the person with whom he has the most frequent conversations in the group chat room of the “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” cast.

In addition, Joo Jong Hyuk admitted to his close actor Hyung that the two of them had been living together for the past eight years as if they were married. When asked by the MCs if there was ever a time when living together seemed awkward, Joo Jong Hyuk responded, “Even though we’ve lived together for 8 years, we’ve never quarreled. It’s our home, and we look out for each other.

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Woo Joo Jong Hyuk

After his “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” scandal, he was asked how his family was doing and he responded, “I don’t explain myself well because my family is unfamiliar.” Meals were frequently provided for me. He responded rationally when asked why he hadn’t bought meat for his folks first.

In his third year of middle school, Joo Jong Hyuk left for New Zealand to study. He later returned to Korea, where he attended Auckland Technical University and worked as a bartender. After working on action and CGI sequences, he decided to try his hand at acting and eventually became a full-fledged actor through roles in indie films. A deal between him and BH Entertainment has been finalized.

At the same time, actor Joo Jong Hyuk, whose next film will be released in 2019, has said, “It’s a kendo movie. I devoted a good chunk of time and effort to studying kendo.

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