Would B.A.P. Ever Get Back Together?

Would B.A.P. Ever Get Back Together? Prior to BTS, some fans of Korean pop music may have argued that B.A.P. had the most international potential among K-pop boy groups.

When the lads first appeared on the scene in the early months of 2012, K-pop was only beginning to get recognition outside of South Korea, and they were among the first of the second generation of idol groups to do so.

They made a dramatic entrance onto the K-pop scene, bringing with them a bad-boy image that quickly became iconic. It’s also no exaggeration to state that B.A.P. is among the idol boy groups that gained a significant fanbase outside of Korea.

When the boys’ EP “Warrior” debuted at number 10 on Billboard’s World Albums Chart and sold over 10,000 copies in its first two days of release, they broke all previous records.

Would B.A.P. Ever Get Back Together
Would B.A.P. Ever Get Back Together

In the same year, the group’s EP titled “Power” was published, and it debuted at number 10 on Billboard’s World Albums Chart. B.A.P‘s debut studio album, titled “First Sensibility,” featured thirteen songs, including the title tune “1004 (Angel),” and was released in 2014.

After its first release, the album quickly rose to the top of the Billboard World Albums Chart, attesting to the band’s widespread acclaim around the globe.

The group was able to tour the globe in one year, stopping in no less than 23 different countries across Asia, Oceania, and Europe. With this kind of momentum, many people expected B.A.P. to quickly rise to the position of the top K-pop boy group in the world.

Indeed, many of their supporters claim that if it weren’t for the inequitable working conditions and profit distribution, they could have been famous all over the world.

The group members sued their record label at the end of 2014, saying that they had only received a total of 18 million KRW (13,689.37 USD) between them over the course of three years, despite the label having earned billions of KRW (millions in USD).

The lawsuit halted the boy band’s promotions and ultimately hindered its success. Since then, B.A.P. has been the subject of much lament from their devoted following. After KARA‘s recent success, their followers have started to speculate about when B.A.P. would return.

In a fan forum, a member of the audience sparked the initial conversation “Is a reunion of B.A.P. ever possible? Since garbage TS is no longer in business, they will need to locate a new agency. Both “SKYDIVE” and “Warrior” remain in my rotation.”

Other fans joined the discussion and shared their thoughts and wishes as well. They commented, “The youngest members didn’t go to the army yet so I think they need to solve the mandatory military service first,” “I really want them to come back,” “But I think a full group comeback would be hard since one of them is a criminal now,” “I think they can without that one problematic member,” “I wish at least five of them can reunite,” “If they promoted now, they would have been so big,” “I still listen to B.A.P’s songs,” “I would cry if they reunited, they were my first favorite idol,” “I think they definitely would be able to make a comeback if they solve their mandatory military issue,” “They still get together,” and “I wish they would come back, they are my teenage years and I sang their songs so many times at Karaoke.”

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