Wrong Side Of The Tracks Season 2 Release Date Status Updates 2022!

A Hollywood-style production process is now being used to create Spanish television shows. The main reason for this will be the increased competition, as opposed to before. There were some shows and movies that we were able to withstand the strong competition from British and American industries. Many people around the world became accustomed to shows like “Money Heist” because of how popular they were. After each season’s conclusion, people all over the world were in a state of anxiety, eagerly awaiting news of the upcoming season. Many people around the world are eagerly awaiting the release of new Spanish television shows and movies. Beginning on that fateful day in 2022, you can watch the show Wrong Side of Tracks on Hulu. Although it was a different genre than Money Heist, the first few episodes that were released were well received by the general public.

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Aside from that, Wrong Side of Tracks is merely the series’ original title in another language. The song’s original title is “Entrevias,” and it was released both in English and Spanish. Aitor Gabilondo and David Bermejo, the creators of the television series, were also involved. In 2007, the pilot episode of a sitcom called “La Que se avecina” aired on television. It grew in popularity as they experimented with various cultural and traditional aspects and merged them with the central theme of the song. The Wrong Side of Tracks was created by Aitor and David, inspired by the series, with the help of Mediaset Espana and Alea Studios. Telecinco, a local channel in Mexico, has purchased the broadcasting rights to the series and is still airing it.

Season 1 of ‘Wrong Side Of The Tracks: A Look at How It All Ends

To be honest, if Irene and Nelson had found they’re happily ever after, the show would most likely have ended there. However, the producers have decided to continue the story, so we’ll have to put up with it for now. When Tirso learned that Irene had become dependent on Oxycodone as a result of her traumatic assault, he made the executive decision to return her to her mother’s house. Irene blamed herself for becoming a drug addict because it was Tirso who had initially convinced her not to seek therapy for her nightmares because he believed in the traditional methods of dealing with trauma. Irene, like his friend Sanchis, became addicted to drugs due to the lack of proper treatment for her mental health problems.

Wrong Side of Tracks Season 1

Nelson, too, felt responsible for Irene’s suffering and made the decision to cut ties with her for her own good in the end. Nelson returned to Nata, who was in love with him and wanted his help in killing Sandro after Irene had left Entrevas. Sandro’s death would create a power vacuum in Entrevas, which would be filled by four neighborhood youth gangs, one of which would most likely be led by Nata, of which Nelson will be an important member, as was mentioned in a minor video clip at the end of “Wrong Side Of The Tracks” Season 1.

However, Tirso witnessed another dramatic incident, as his new love, Gladys, Nelson’s mother, was attacked by Sandro’s henchman, who Tirso had captured in the basement of his hardware store. In Pepe’s cafe, the henchman planned to stab Tirso to death and Gladys intervened, saving his life. Henchman Gladys was taken to a hospital during the arrest. When Tirso asked Gladys to run away with him, Ezequiel pointed out that there was a possibility of a blossoming romance between them, but he soon realized that she was in love with someone else. When Gladys didn’t mention the person’s name, but we saw her kissing Tirso in the final clip, we can be sure of their love story. In the midst of the chaos, will their love survive?

Sandro’s death has left room for a new villain, and the short clip suggests that Guillermo Salgado, the developer of a high-rise skyscraper project, has arrived in Entrevas to buy the neighborhood and demolish it in order to build high-rise skyscrapers and modernize the area. Pepe has already expressed a desire to sell his cafe because of the rising level of violence in the area, and it’s likely that others will follow suit. Nevertheless, Tirso, who had made it clear that he would not be leaving Entrevas until the end of Season 1, will be so easily abandoning his ties to the region? Alternatively, will he voice his opposition to Guillermo Salgado, creating a potential rivalry between the two? Season 2 will have more information for you.

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What’s the story for Wrong Side of the Tracks Season 2?

When season one comes to a close, Ezequiel and Amanda have joined forces to learn more about the enigmatic Phantom. Amanda is willing to grant Ezequiel immunity from prosecution in exchange for his cooperation in spying for Sandro’s gang. As soon as Sandro realizes Ezequiel is a spy, he attempts to kill him. Sandro, on the other hand, is killed by Nelson and Nata, who work together to prevent the cop from being injured. Tirso’s hardware store basement is a safe haven for Sandro’s henchman; Santi frees him without knowing his identity. Gladys is stabbed to death because she stood in the way of the henchman’s attempt to save Tirso. She is taken to the hospital in an ambulance by a responding paramedic. In Entrevas, Irene meets her grandfather for the first time in a long time.

After Irene returned to her homeland and Santi took over the hardware store, the second season focuses on Tirso’s life. There’s an investor in town, and he’s looking for properties. Ezequiel remains in the company of Gladys. Amanda investigates a series of rapes, while Tirso tries to find out who raped Irene. To buy Tirso’s hardware store, Salgado makes a bid. Since they broke up in the first episode, Irene and Nelson have not been able to break away. Nata rises to prominence in the drug trade after Sandro’s death.

Wrong Side of Tracks Season 2 Release Date

A look at the cast for Wrong Side of the Tracks Season 2.

Season 2 brings back most of the cast from the first season, including:

Jose Coronado: Tirso Abantos

Spanish actor, 64, stars in “Wrong Side of Tracks” as the main character. José has a wealth of acting experience as well. He got his start in the business as a male model and landed a role in the film “Waka-Waka.” In addition, he had appeared in over thirty different projects by this point.

Felipe Londono

Theater, television, and film star Felipe Londono hails from Colombia. The protagonist of the Entrevias series is now in Spain. Over the course of his career, he has appeared in a number of Latin American television and novel series and novels. Theodora S. Soler Films such as Al Son Que Me Toquen Bailo. Several international television shows like El Comandante.

Manolo Caro

Known for Die Another Day (2002), Risen (2016), and Los Serrano (2016), Manolo Caro is an actor (2003).

Other Cast

  • Nona Sobo (Irene),
  • Laura Ramos (Gladys),
  • Manuel Tallafé (Pepe),
  • Itziar Atienza (Amanda),
  • Mara de Nati (Nata),
  • Miguel ngel Jiménez (Santi),
  • Luis Zahera (Ezequiel),
  • Maria Molins (Jimena).

However, despite the death of Franky Martin’s character in the first season, Sandro reappeared at some point during the second season. Jordi Sanchez plays prominent real estate businessman Guillermo Salgado, who was added to the cast for season 2.

Wrong Side of Tracks Season 2 Cast

Wrong Side of the Tracks Season 2 Release Date

Wrong Side of the Tracks: The Complete First Season will be available on Netflix in the US on May 20, 2022. Season 1 premiered in Spain on February 1, 2022, and ended on March 22, 2022, prior to its release in the United States. A total of eight 69-80-minute episodes make up the first season’s content. There is exciting news about the second season. Season 2 of ‘Wrong Side of the Tracks‘ is already available in Spain, indicating that it will be available in the United States soon. It’s only a matter of time before Netflix makes an official announcement about the arrival of the second season. Season two could begin airing sooner rather than later if season one meets the criteria that Netflix has set for its release, which includes the number of people who watched season one. Season 2 of Wrong Side of the Tracks is likely to be released in the fourth quarter of 2022 given these circumstances.

Trailer / Promo for Wrong Side of the Tracks Season 2

Season 2 of Wrong Side of the Tracks has yet to receive a trailer from Netflix. As soon as the trailer is available, I’ll post a link to it here. Here’s a sneak peek at what’s to come on Wrong Side of the Tracks: Season 1.

Wrong Side of the Tracks: Where to Watch?

The first season of Stranger Things had been made available online by Netflix. In the first season, there are eight episodes, each of which lasts about an hour and a half. As a result, Netflix will be the exclusive home for both the upcoming second season and any future third-season installments. Online media platforms have not expressed interest in streaming the series at the moment.

Despite this, many unregistered websites allow you to watch the show online. It is not recommended to use these sources because they are not monitored by the government.