More Rumours and Information Regarding YG Entertainment’s New Girl

YG Entertainment’s New Girl Group: With a stunning poster today, YG Entertainment announced the introduction of their new girl group. The girl group will have seven members and will debut in 2023. YG, on the other hand, has been aiming to introduce its newest girl group since 2019.

YG Entertainment concluded trademarking ‘BaeMon’ and ‘Baby Monsters’ in August 2020. As a result, many fans began referring to YG Entertainment’s new girl group by these two names. Many believe this is a transitory name and that the girl group will eventually emerge under a different name.

YG Entertainment's New Girl
YG Entertainment’s New Girl

Furthermore, many female trainees have been sighted in and around YG Entertainment’s headquarters in recent years. There was the beginning “BM” and seven designs with two letters in a photo of a whiteboard. The first notion was that the new girl group would have seven members, and the letters would represent their initials.

Many names have emerged in recent years. For the time being, most people believe these seven girls are members of YG Entertainment’s new girl group.  The message from Yang Hyun Suk, chairman of YG Entertainment, was the second thing that caught my eye. “Do you want to go home after six years of training?” he stated in the open letter.

The last thing anyone noticed was G-autograph, Dragon’s, which had been partially rubbed away. G-Dragon is rumored to be engaged in the production of YG Entertainment’s next girl group. Teddy Park is widely expected to be the leading producer of YG Entertainment’s upcoming girl group.

On the other hand, Teddy has a slim possibility of looking after YG’s new girl group. Teddy served as the primary producer and creative director for BIG BANG, 2NE1, and BLACKPINK. However, Teddy’s music business, THE BLACK LABEL, stated last month that they were looking for the final member of their first girl group through a new audition.

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