Young Royals Season 3: Does Wilhelm Have Anxiety In This Series?

Young Royals Season 3: The second season of Young Royals may now be viewed on Netflix. Even though we’re floating on air, the question of whether or not there will be a third season of Young Royals remains at the forefront of everyone’s mind. Recall that Edvin Ryding portrays Prince Wilhelm, and the Swedish series centers on his time spent at the elite boarding school Hillerska.

The young prince is put in an impossible position when he falls for Simon Eriksson (Omar Rudberg), a fellow student at his university. On November 1, Netflix released the second season of Hillerska, bringing back all of our favorite characters. What I want to know is if they’ll return for a third season. What we know about the third season of Young Royals is as follows.

Young Royals Season 3
Young Royals Season 3

Young Royals Season 3 Potential Release Date

Young Royals’ first two seasons were separated by about a year and a half, but with COVID regulations now lifted, season three could air sooner than season two. If that’s the case, we might expect it to drop in the dead of winter, 2023. That, however, is contingent upon the speed with which a renewal for season three is announced.

Netflix’s decision on a show’s renewal usually comes a month or so after the premiere of a new season. Any further delays could push the launching date beyond 2024. Young Royals’ cancellation would come as a shock, but we expect it to air for at least another season. With such a dedicated fanbase and the promise of a mind-blowing cliffhanger in the event of a third season, the program deserves another go-round. You may also read Gotham Knights’s Release Date

Young Royals Season 3 Cast

The Young Royals (and Simon, bless him) are what make Young Royals what it is, so most of the following will be back for season three:

Edvin Ryding as Prince Wilhelm of Sweden
• Omar Rudberg as Simon Eriksson
• Malte Gårdinger as August of Årnäs
Frida Argento as Sara Eriksson
• Nikita Uggla as Felice Ehrencrona

Ivar Forsling, who plays Prince Erik, is unlikely to return to the cast. Wilhelm’s older brother only made brief cameo appearances in flashbacks during season two after his death at the end of season one, and at this rate, he won’t appear at all in season three.

Wilhelm, who clearly struggles with anxiety and anger issues, is a compelling and tortured lead trying to manage the expectations of the Swedish monarchy while navigating his first crush.

Young Royals Season 3 Plot: What Will Happen?

The forbidden romance between Simon and Prince Wilhelm of Sweden has been the driving force behind Young Royals’ first two seasons. After Wil’s treachery at the end of season one, however, Simon’s feelings for him changed dramatically, and he even began seeing someone else.

Young Royals Season 3
Young Royals Season 3

Just as he’s about to agree to keep Wilhelm’s secret in the second season finale, the Prince makes the decision to expose that it was indeed him in the sex tape that was leaked. He is publicly confessing his sexuality and his love for Simon if he says it.

Simon is as shocked as the royal advisors are at this unexpected development. But how will this affect them in the long run?

The future is uncertain, but it appears that Simon and Wilhelm may finally get to celebrate their happiness openly. Will it hold, though? Because of the kids’ penchant for drama, I doubt it.

Plus, Sara has already accused August of being the one responsible for making and leaking the sex tape. Is he going to be detained? The question is whether the Royal Family will still defend August after what he did to Simon and Wilhelm.

When Can I See The Young Royals Season 3 Trailer?

Young Royals season three will have the fresh film released as soon as it is received, as per royal command. You may aid the show’s renewal chances by watching the first two seasons on repeat until then. Seasons 1 and 2 of Young Royals can now be viewed on Netflix.

Young Royals Season 2: A Quick Recap

The second season of the Swedish teen drama picks off after winter vacation has ended and classes have resumed at the exclusive Hillerska boarding school. Simon and Wilhelm broke up, but their inability to move on from their relationship is evident.

Simon states in the preview, “I’ve been thinking about you all break.” Wilhelm, it seems, shares the same sentiments and will do anything to reunite with Simon. One of his goals is to avenge the disclosure of the prince’s controversial video from Season 1 by getting even with his cousin August.

August feels bad about his actions, but this is only the beginning of his suffering. As tensions rise within the royal family, Wilhelm is about to cause even more trouble that will put the entire kingdom in danger. In the meantime, Felice is gaining confidence in her own voice, and Sara is torn between her old friends and her new ones.

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