Rapper Young Thug was Arrested in Georgia on Suspicion of Gang Membership

It was announced on Monday that Atlanta rapper Young Thug has been arrested and incarcerated in Georgia on racketeering and street gang charges. The real identity of the rapper Young Thug is Jeffery Lamar Williams, and according to data obtained by Insider from Fulton County Jail, he was detained by Atlanta police.

According to accounts, his house was searched and his garden was dug up on Monday. One of 28 people identified in an 88-page grand jury indictment, the 30-year-old rapper was charged with conspiracy to violate Georgia’s RICO Act and involvement in criminal street gang activity.

According to jail records, the crimes were perpetrated between 2013 and 2018. Rapper Sergio Kitchens, better known by his stage name Gunna, has also been indicted on a 56-count indictment. At a press conference held by Young Thug’s attorney, Brian Steel, the lawyer said that his client was not guilty.

“Mr. Williams has not broken the law in any way. No matter how hard it gets, we’re not going down without a fight. We’ll get Mr. Williams out of this one, “‘Steel,’ he explained. Rapper Gunna’s legal representation remained unclear at press time.

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As part of the indictment, prosecutors allege that Young Thug is one of the three original founders of the Young Slime Life (YSL) group. Prosecutors say YSL is a violent street gang that formed in Atlanta’s Cleveland Avenue neighborhood at the end of 2012 and is linked to the national Bloods gang.

According to an indictment acquired by Insider, Young Thug made YSL a household name by referring to it in his music and on social media. To obtain money and property through racketeering action, the defendants collaborated with one another and with others, according to the indictment.

They also conducted and participated in the business using racketeering activity, according to the indictment. It is said that the conspiracy’s goals included “preserving, safeguarding, and enhancing the reputation, power, and territory of the company by racketeering conduct, including murder, assault, and threats of violence.”

According to the indictment, other goals included “maintaining armed individuals ready and willing to preserve, protect and enhance the reputation, power, and territory of the enterprise through the use of violence” and “obtaining money, weapons and other property through acts of racketeering activity, including robbery, theft and the unlawful sale and distribution of drugs.”

Murder, attempted murder, and armed robbery are among the charges levied against some of the suspects included in the indictment. There are a number of felonies listed in the indictment against Young Thug that he is not actually charged with. An “overt conduct in support of the conspiracy,” as described by the indictment, is what these counts represent.


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Young Thug, according to the indictment, allegedly threatened to shoot a man in the face with a gun in 2015 while the two were in a mall. An Infiniti Q50 car rented by Young Thug was “used in the crime” of the 2015 murder of gang member Donovan Thomas Jr., according to the indictment.

Final Lines

The rapper is now facing a host of new allegations, including distribution of controlled narcotics and possession of unidentified prohibited firearms, such as a machine gun or a sawed-off shotgun. Young Thug was arrested on Monday and a search of his residence turned up evidence that led to the new charges, according to WSB-TV in Atlanta.

There were already accusations against the rapper for illegal gang activities and conspiracy to violate the state’s Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act, so the new allegations are merely an addition to the previous one.