Yugyeom Of GOT7 Reveals His Unexpected New Song, ‘Ponytail’

Yugyeom Of GOT7: Yugyeom of GOT7 has revealed a surprise new song that will be released shortly! Yugyeom released a series of teaser photos for his upcoming single, “Ponytail,” on December 26.

The song is scheduled to be released on January 2 at 6 PM KST. The song is released shortly before Yugyeom departs on AOMG’s “Follow The Movement 2023” Asia tour, which docks in Singapore on January 8. Watch this space for more information about Yugyeom’s upcoming single.

Yugyeom Of GOT7
Yugyeom Of GOT7


A ponytail is a type of hairdo in which some, all, or none of the hair on the head is pushed back and away from the face. The hair is then gathered and fastened with a hair tie, clip, or another similar accessory at the back of the head, where it is then free to hang from. Its similarity to a pony’s tail is how it got its name.

Ponytails can be worn in a variety of places, including the side of the head (which is occasionally thought of as formal), the top of the head, or the middle of the back of the head. It is known as a ponytail, twintail, pigtail, or bunch when the hair is separated into two portions and as a pigtail, plait, or braid when it is plaited.

According to records of pictures of women with ponytails in ancient Greek artifacts and artworks, such as the paintings painted thousands of years ago in Cretes, the ponytail can be traced back to Ancient Greece (2000–1500 BC).

Therefore, it is possible that the ponytail hairstyle originated in Ancient Greece before spreading to other cultures and geographical areas, as evidenced by the fact that women are depicted wearing their hair in what is now known as the ponytail in Egyptian and Roman art.

Until the middle of the 20th century, it was uncommon for women (as opposed to girls) to wear their hair in public. The introduction of the first Barbie doll by Mattel, which popularised the hairdo, and movie actresses like Sandra Dee, who wore it in films like Gidget, significantly contributed to the ponytail’s growth.

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