Zootopia 2 Release Date 2022: Is It Going To Happen?

There may be more truth to those rumors than people think. Rich Moore said in 2016, “It would be lovely to revisit it again.” The Zootopia subreddit poll found that dozens of fans would be ready to wait for up to five years for a sequel that is better than the first. That’s a tall order, but it’s not out of the question. How long will it be before Disney fans can return to the enormous animal metropolis?

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Zootopia 2  Release Date

According to sources, it will be premier in Dec 2022.  A sequel to “Zootopia” could be a possibility as Disney+ continues to experiment with streaming movies as a byproduct of this pandemic. Disney made the decision to skip theatrical releases for streaming with films like “Luca” and “Turning Red.”

However, “Zootopia 2” may do better because of the pre-existing success of the first film and the already-existing fan base. Disney is working on a slew of projects, from Marvel to live-action adaptations of old stories to reboots of beloved fan favorites.

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In the absence of an official release date, it’s evident that fans are eagerly anticipating this follow-up, which would join the ranks of other long-awaited sequels. It took two years to make “Zootopia,” so be patient. Disney+’s anthology series “Zootopia+” may possibly be a follow-up to the original film rather than a typical sequel.

In 2022, the series is expected to be released. With no official statement from Disney, it is impossible to know if “Zootopia 2” will join the growing franchise.

Which actors and actresses will return for Zootopia 2?

The Walt Disney Company’s Studio of Animation Two of the original cast members have already expressed an interest in returning for a sequel, however, no casting has been finalized as of yet. An interview with The Sun in 2017 revealed that the actor who voiced Officer McHorn, Mark Smith, will reprise his role in the next film.

Known as “Rhino,” he began his career as a “Gladiator” contestant before becoming an actor. The late Tommy Lister, who played the brash fox Finnick, told fans at a meet-and-greet in 2019 that he “can tell you for sure I’m doing another ‘Zootopia’ with Disney,” a statement that was later leaked.

In addition, he indicated they were working on a trilogy and that the sequel would cost $300 million. Whether or not another actor will take his place after his death in 2020 is impossible to predict. As Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde, Ginnifer Goodwin and Jason Bateman are expected to return as their respective characters.

Officer Clawhauser (Nate Torrence), the cheerful, overweight cheetah from “Zootopia,” was Byron Howard’s favorite character in an interview with Collider in 2016. This could be a hint at what’s to come in “Zootopia+” or a hint to a future sequel (or trilogy).

What is the plot of Zootopia 2?

With no cliffhanger at the end of the first film, the possibilities for a second are virtually limitless. In an interview with CinemaBlend, Goodwin said she would like to see Nick having to convince Judy that the planet is worth fighting for in the sequel. However, Bateman stated that he would like to see it “Together, we’re out there fighting.

The streets are being cleaned up. In the field, we’re just a couple of rookie cops. So, criminals, take note.” It will be fascinating to watch how the sequel portrays Judy and Nick’s policing in a favorable light while not overstepping the political and social progress that has been made since the release of the first film.

They may continue to improve their community, or they may venture outside of it and encounter new species with more complex social codes and see how they need to change their approach. Additionally, the short-form structure of Zootopia+ may have an impact on a sequel’s design as there are multiple known stories to draw from. Many Zootopia fans have expressed interest in seeing where things go from here.