Ten Good Things About Being Roronoa Zoro In One Piece

Roronoa Zoro is not only the unofficial second in charge of the Straw Hat Pirates, but he is also on his way to becoming the best swordsman in the world. One of the best sworders in One Piece, Roronoa Zoro is also one of Luffy’s best friends. He has never given up in a fight, so his life has been full of hard times, struggles, and staying strong.

He can be so grumpy that he gets into fights with other Straw Hats. Even though there have been some bad things in Zoro’s life, there have also been many good things that have made it all worth it. By figuring out the best things about being him, it’s easier to see if his chosen path will bring him happiness and satisfaction as the series gets closer to its end.

10. Zoro Has Inherited Oden’s Swords

Before he died, Kozuki Oden gave his famous swords to his children and grandchildren. Since Momonosuke wasn’t old enough to get them yet and his sister wasn’t a fighter, Zoro was next in line.

Since these blades were so scary sharp that they could cut Kaido even without haki, they were a huge advantage and some of the best weapons in the series’ universe. But Zoro didn’t get them until he gave Ryuma the sword he stole at Thriller Bark. Even so, he got more robust because of it.

9. Zoro Is Luffy’s First Mate

Although Luffy regards the Straw Hats equally, the fact that Zoro is his first mate cannot be overlooked. This has a variety of implications, both positive and negative. It not only implies that Luffy trusts Zoro more than anybody else, but it also demonstrates his incredible strength.

If Luffy goes missing for an extended period or is brutally murdered, Zoro will most likely inherit his duty to discover Roger’s wealth. This would put him in a problematic situation with Sanji.

8. Zoro Does Not Need Swords To Win Fights

At first glance, it might seem like Zoro’s tools have more obvious flaws than those of the other Straw Hats. His reliance on swords limits his options and makes him look weak in some situations.

But Zoro showed that he could beat the Foxy pirates without his weapons. He beat them with powerful blows from his hand by using the crazy power of “Zero Sword Style.” Later, he used this skill when he went undercover in Wano and couldn’t get to his weapons quickly.

7. Zoro Can Use Conqueror’s Haki

It is scarce for Zoro to be able to use Conqueror’s haki. It shows that he is a man with a strong will and a great goal. So far, he is the only other crew member besides Luffy who can use it. Even better, Zoro has complete control over his haki and the people it attacks.

This helped him a lot when sneaking into Onigashima because he could shut down Beast pirates who were too friendly without giving away his secret too soon. It will also help in future fights with the World Government since the marines almost always have a much larger force than the pirates.

6. Zoro Has A High Bounty

Zoro should have one of the highest bounties because he is Luffy’s right-hand man. The price on his head was 320 million berries the last time anyone knew. By the end of Wano, it was probably even higher.

Part of what Zoro has to pay for is what he has done against the World Government. In addition to attacking Morgan’s forces, he helped Luffy at Enies Lobby and helped people escape from Kizaru after fighting a Celestial Dragon. The high price for Zoro shows how dangerous he is.

5. Zoro Is Constantly Allowed To Nap