True Beauty Season 2: Detailed Information For Every Episode Of The Show!

In True Beauty (season 2), there is a second season of the reality show. The candidates are vying to be crowned the most attractive in a similar approach to the previous season. While individuals believe they are just being judged on their outside appearance, the judges are really analysing both their inner and exterior attractiveness. Judges Beth Ostrosky Stern and Carson Kressley were among the celebrities that appeared in the second season of True Beauty, which wrapped up filming in Las Vegas in October 2009. The creators of ABC’s new reality programme Face of Vegas notified competitors that they would be participating in a new modelling competition called Face of Vegas. Additionally, until they were eliminated, participants had no contact with Vanessa Minnillo, the lone returning judge from the previous season. Every episode had a big hidden-camera task that all of the candidates had to face. Second-to-last-ditch challenges were usually only given to the bottom-two competitors. After a two-year hiatus, the show returned to ABC on May 31st, 2010.


1.The Stealing Challenge

Broadcast: May 31st, 2010

Using a phony stylist hired by the producers, the competitors are given $200 and 20 minutes to create a Vegas-inspired appearance. The stylist allows each competitor to take one item that costs more than their budget in order to get an advantage over the competition. The stylist’s item is accepted by Liz, Michael, Craig, and JD, who are all caught on hidden cameras breaking the rules. To compete, the hopefuls don their attire and are escorted into the streets of Las Vegas in glass boxes. People passing by are given one token to offer to the candidate of their choosing. All of the characters dressed up for the occasion: Amy as a bride; Craig as cowboy; David as Elvis; Erika as Marilyn Monroe; JD as drag queen; Liz as glittery go-go dancer; Michael as pimp; Michelle as a pin-up girl; Regina as Lady Luck; and Taylor as a rocker To Liz’s credit, she wins the challenge thanks to her provocative, but stolen, clothing. The two contestants with the fewest tokens, David and JD, are doomed to go home.

The last straw task has previously been faced by the participants. a lady whose dog’s leash got in the path of them as they tried to go inside the shop where they crafted their characteristic appearance. JD helped her untie herself as David walked around her, insisting he was too busy to help. Amy, Craig, and Michelle all failed to assist her in following episodes. The first round of elimination will have the two remaining contestants going up against the panel of judges. While JD claims that his desire to dress in drag demonstrates how much he cares about winning, David thinks that his Elvis attire better suited the Las Vegas theme. According to the police, David is safe since he did not steal anything. The clip of JD accepting the additional item out of budget is displayed to the audience.

  • Liz has been declared the winner.
  • Two in the Back: David and JD
  • Removing: JD

2. The Unknown

Broadcast: June 7, 2010.

The participants learn a magic trick and then perform it for Penn and Teller, two world-renowned magicians. When it comes to the magic trick, Penn and Teller tell the candidates to keep it a secret. They then meet with a genuine People journalist (who is aware of the setup) and try to persuade them to reveal how they do the trick. It turns out that all three candidates — Craig, Liz, and Michelle — failed, thereby disclosing to the reporter what the prank was all about. As a thank you, Penn & Teller include Amy in their live Las Vegas act as a result of her performance. The two weakest performers, Michael and Regina, are sent packing.

The penultimate straw task awaits Michael and Regina on their route to elimination. Intoxicated guy (really an actor) tries to drive away from hotel. Regina is the one who stops the driver, while Michael does nothing. In the end, Michael is the only one left standing. His departure is preceded by video of him breaching the rules in episode one and hurling insults at Liz while failing to stop the inebriated driver from driving.

  • Amy is the winner.
  • Michael and Regina, in last place
  • Michael was ejected from contention.

3.Grace in the face of adversity

Broadcast: June 14th, 2010

With the help of passersby, the candidates conducted “man on the street” interviews and asked them questions about Las Vegas. Some of the interview questions were challenging, so the competitors received them in an envelope and were asked not to open them until they were ready to begin the interview. Amy, Erika, Liz, Michelle, and Regina all glanced at their envelopes while riding the elevator alone. In contrast to the males, all of the female contestants cheated, according to the judges.

A focus group of regular individuals who were not aware of the competition’s true purpose rated the candidates’ performances. There was another hidden camera task after the focus group critique, when the candidates were judged on how they responded to the criticism. In reaction to what they heard, Taylor and Regina both cursed violently, and were considered to have failed. The focus group gave the greatest marks to Craig, while the lowest marks were given to Taylor and Liz.

Both Liz and Taylor tried to persuade the judges to rescue them, but they were sent back to the loft because another candidate had broken the rules of the tournament. It was made obvious in the judges’ discussions that Liz would have been removed had she not been caught breaking the rules. Because Regina had used her mobile phone to communicate with persons outside of the production, she was kicked out of the competition.

  • Runner-up: Craig
  • Liz and Taylor are the last two contestants (both saved)
  • Regina was ruled out of the competition.

True Beauty Season 2

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4. Discovering The Ring

Broadcast: 21st of June, 2010

One thing the remaining candidates found out was that neither Taylor nor Liz had been eliminated. As part of a competition, they had to construct a print advertisement for the Planet Hollywood buffet using only food to cover their otherwise nude bodies. Liz was allocated baked sweets; Craig was given crabs; Taylor was given sushi; Michelle was given vegetables; David was given fruit; Erica was given ice cream; and Amy was given Italian cuisine. The stylist’s helper Emily (who was an actor) claimed to have misplaced her engagement ring as each participant waited to meet with a culinary stylist. Emily passed the test thanks to the support of Amy, Erika, Taylor, and Michelle, whereas Craig, Liz, and David did not. By a vote of Beth and Carson, Erika was named the winner of the buffet commercial contest, while David and Craig were voted the worst.

Finally, a couple of actors dressed as vacationers invited the finalists to pose for a picture with them on their last night in Vegas. Craig turned them down, but David agreed to assist. Also addressed by Beth and Carson was David and Craig’s earlier actions, and it was revealed that Craig and David had both neglected to aid the lady tangled with her dog during The Stealing Challenge as David did. David was booted from the competition because the judges felt his demeanour was overly competitive.

  • Erika is the lucky winner!
  • David and Craig are the last two contestants.
  • David is no longer in the running.

5. Change My Grade!

Broadcast: 28,June, 2010

After a night of studying a Las Vegas visitor guidebook, the candidates were tasked with providing a city tour to tourists, who would rate them on their experience. Upon exiting the van, a visitor (really an actor) made it plain that she was unsatisfied with the trip by handing back her remark card. He then volunteered to replace the scores on the card. The tour manager, who is also an actor, did so. When it came to the hidden camera test, only Liz failed. Both she and Michelle were eliminated, with Taylor emerging victorious.

There were a number of instances when the competitor was mistaken for a celebrity by an overweight and sweaty actor (the “janitor” from the conclusion scene). The guy was cordial to Michelle, but Liz remained distant. A number of hidden camera tasks had been missed by Liz and Michelle, as well as a lack of consideration for their fellow participants, according to the panel of judges. During the Stealing Challenge, it was revealed that Michelle failed to assist the lady who was accompanied by a dog. Her elimination was swift, and she left the judges’ chamber quickly after they had shown her hidden camera video of herself.

  • Taylor was the lucky winner.
  • Elizabeth (left) and Michelle (right)
  • Eliminated was Liz.

6. Bride In Serious Trouble

Broadcast: July 5, 2010.

They were taken to the Little White Wedding Chapel, where actual couples getting married would choose two of the competitors to be their bridesmaids or groomsmen. Those who were picked by the most couples would win, while those who were picked by the fewest couples would be eliminated. The candidates met a bride and her mother, both professional actors, as they were changing in the changing rooms. Her daughter was obviously unhappy as the “momzilla” berated her for her weight and her inability to fit into any of the gowns. Craig and Erika provided encouraging words to the bride, while Amy, Michelle, and Taylor chose to ignore her completely. Taylor was the first participant to be chosen by three couples in the challenge, and he was quickly followed by Craig. Erika, Amy, and Michelle all had one and two weddings, respectively, after Erika’s third selection.

During the major challenge, the ultimate straw was bitten. Florist and actress presented each participant a flower arrangement to utilize during the task, and then offered to encourage her friend, one of the brides participating, to cast a vote for the candidate. In order to avoid a confrontation, Amy informs the florist that she prefers to see all of the couples and let them make the final decision. To avoid being labelled a failure by the florist, Michelle accepts her offer of flowers. The judges indicated during deliberation that Michelle was the only competitor who did not pass, despite the fact that no further footage was provided. Michelle was voted out of the running.

  • Taylor was the lucky winner.
  • Amy and Michelle are in the bottom two.
  • Michelle has been ruled out.

7. Put An End To Your Smoking Habits!

Broadcast: July 12th, 2010

Before being assessed by a pit manager on their looks, dealing abilities, and customer happiness, the competitors were taught as blackjack dealers during their free time by the pool. A pregnant lady (really an actor) smoked and drank wine while talking to a girlfriend on an elevator journey to the training facility where the contestants would be taught. Taylor and Erika questioned the woman’s activities, but she refused to answer the questions. It was a failure for Craig and Amy to say anything. During a second hidden-camera challenge, a pit boss berated one of two blackjack dealers as he was being taught, and both the dealers and the pit boss were actors. By failing to stand out on behalf of the trainer, Craig was the only one who fell short in this test. Erika was declared the winner of the blackjack challenge, while Craig and Amy were demoted to the bottom two spots by a genuine Planet Hollywood pit supervisor.

The last hurdle that the competitors had to overcome on their path to the final judgement was confronted. While pretending to be a mother with a baby, an actor tripped over a piece of baggage. Craig found it for her, although Amy was unable to do so. Amy’s lack of self-assurance and her comments about Liz behind Liz’s back were highlighted by the judges, who noted that Craig and Amy both had mixed records in the hidden-camera tasks. Amy was the victim of the game’s elimination process.

  • Erika is the lucky winner!
  • Next to last: Amy and Craig.
  • Replacing Amy

8. The Last Exam

Broadcast: July 19, 2010

In a hangar, the participants learned that Steve-O and his spiritual adviser, Guy Friendly, were expecting them to have a nice time in Vegas, but that they were also expected to show them a good time. After a wild night out with the two, the candidates were notified at 6 a.m. that they would be required to participate in their next assignment, making a commercial for Las Vegas without the option to sleep, which was an unpleasant surprise. Only Erika objected, but it wasn’t a hidden-camera task. The judges wanted to observe how the competitors would respond to this circumstance. As time went on, Beth and Carson told the remaining contenders that they would not be able to remove anybody until the final judgement, which would decide who would be crowned the overall winner.

As a reward for their efforts, Beth and Carson provided each of the competitors with a key to their “spy room.” On a video screen, Vanessa Minnillo explained the competition’s true nature to the entrants. A video of their misbehaviour was presented to them thereafter. For the first time, the finalists met all three judges face-to-face for the final judgement. In response to specific questions from the judges, the participants argued their points. Asked if any of her actions were phoney, Erika pleaded that she had matured as a person and saw the possibility for greatness in herself as a result of the experience. In response to the judges’ question, Craig stated that he had “lost the point” when it came to loving others as much as he loves himself. He also returned the vest he had stolen in the first episode. When Taylor was confronted with the outburst, he said he wanted to be a role model and apologised. The judges announced that Craig finished in third place after deliberation. With Taylor as the “True Beauty,” Erika was demoted to second place.

  • Taylor was the lucky winner.
  • Erika came in second.
  • Craig came in third.

Last Words-

It’s the second season of the reality television show True Beauty. The competitors are vying for the title of “Beautiful” in a similar manner to last season’s.

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