Newjeans Live Vocals Leave Netizens in Awe During ‘Inkigayo’ Encore Performance

Encore Performance: Internet users discuss NewJeans’ live encore performance on “Inkigayo.” As previously stated, NewJeans took home the top spot on the SBS music show’s episode on January 15. The week’s victors took the stage to sing “OMG” again.

As mentioned on prior occasions, K-pop fans have been interested in the AR-free live singing promised for most encore sets for a considerable amount of time. Each member of NewJeans used a microphone to sing their parts during the encore performance.

Encore Performance
Encore Performance

Netizens enjoyed their live singing skills and commented in the comments section that “Hanni is excellent,” which raised the standard for the ensemble. Many people also praised Danielle’s “assurance” and Hyein’s “wonderful voice tone” while performing live.

Additional remarks and responses include:

“Hanni is sooooooooo good.”
“Hanni’s vocal range is amazing, and she has power”
“Can’t believe how good Hanni is.”
“Hyein’s vocal color is so beautiful.”
“Hyein has such a beautiful voice.”
“They are all good except for maybe the beginning.”
“Is there something wrong with Minji’s in-ear buds? Minji is a bit nervous and could work on her confidence.”
“Can’t hear Haerin, but they are all pretty good.”
“Hyein and Hanni are both so good; at dancing and singing.”
“Really good”
“Is Hanni the main vocalist?”

“I think Haerin could work on increasing her confidence”
“Gets better towards the end”
“Is Minji a rapper?”


The South Korean female group NewJeans (RR: Nyujinseu) was created by ADOR, a division of Hybe Corporation. Minji, Hanni, Danielle, Haerin, and Hyein make up the rest of the group. Before their self-titled debut EP was released on August 1, 2022, the band dropped the first single, “Attention,” on July 22, 2022.

The name NewJeans can be taken in two different ways. It’s a nod to the group’s desire to create a classic image for themselves, much as jeans have been around for decades. Their moniker is a pun on the phrase “new genes,” suggesting they will be the vanguard of a new wave of pop music.

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