Overwatch: PC Configuration

Overwatch: Overwatch was recently made available to the general public, and many players are already talking about how much better the game is than its predecessor. The PC version of the game features a significant number of enhancements compared to the console version. Players who participate in the shooter on a personal computer will have more freedom than those who play on consoles such as the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Transfer.

The PC version includes features such as switching server regions and controller support. You may anticipate seeing a brand-new animated short film starring everyone’s favorite new support hero, Kiriko, during the opening ceremony of #TwitchCon. The video will be animated and will include Kiriko. The coverage will begin on October 7 at 3:00 pm (Pacific Time).

The community of first-person shooters has debated for a considerable amount of time which controller layout is optimal for first-person titles like Overwatch. Others still choose this way, even though most people prefer to use a mouse and keyboard instead.

The fact that the PC version of Overwatch features a primary method for playing shooters with a controller will come as welcome news to players who choose to do so. In light of this fact, the present lesson will focus on the steps that must be taken to play the shooter using a controller.

Controlling your character in Overwatch on a personal computer with a gamepad

Playing Overwatch with a controller is made as simple as it can be by the Xbox One and its accompanying Xbox Series X controllers. However, gamers using other X-input devices like the DualShock and DualSense will have a bit of a challenge first integrating their controllers into the game.

To use a gamepad with Overwatch on a personal computer, players will first need to complete the following steps:

Connect their controllers to their consoles through the use of Bluetooth. They will need to complete this process before beginning the game, and they may do so by selecting “Windows” from the taskbar, followed by “Bluetooth,” and then locating and repairing their controller. This will allow them to get started with the game.

To make the light on your Xbox controller flash, you only need to press and hold the button that looks like three lines on the top of the controller. The moment the user does this, the system will pick up the controller tag, and the device will then be able to be located through a Bluetooth search. Before the light blinks, users of the DualShock 4 and DualSense 3 will need to press and hold the Share button for a few seconds while also pushing the PS button.

As soon as both of their systems recognize the controller, they will be able to begin the pairing process. Simply starting up the Battle.net client is required to play Overwatch with a lighted and attached controller. When the game is launched, it will automatically recognize the player’s controller and adjust the UI to be compatible.

However, if a controller is still connected, players can switch to utilizing the keyboard and mouse by pushing a button on the controller. This option is available whether or not a controller is currently connected. Because of this, the layout will also be changed, and players can experiment with both versions to choose which one suits the way they play.

The player has the freedom to customize the controls of the shooter at their own pace. To make the necessary modifications, they must go to the Settings menu and select the Control submenu.

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